Let Pretend Makeup

So as my daughter has gotten older she has become more curious about what my make up is. Now I don’t want one of those hilarious (only because it didn’t happen to me) pictures of kids with makeup everywhere on them and the house.

I think I saw this on Pinterest though I cant find the post…so Ill show you how I went about doing it in my home. 🙂

I went to the Dollar Tree (because thats a mothers heaven for crafting supplies) and found a couple things of make up and brushes.

What you will need is…

Make up cases (you will be removing the makeup)

Nail Polish (get fancy with it)


Something sharp to scrape out the make up.

Step one… Get all the make up together.


Step two-  you will take the make up and with something sharp scrap all the make up out of the case.

20130803_150759 (i used tweezers)

Then once it is cleaned out like so….


You pick out a color of Nail polish, which for us was Orange. Then you will pour it into where the makeup once was.


You let it settle and Dry (which can take 2-3 hrs but might be faster outside) and TADA!!!! Fake makeup for your little princess 😉


Then you can get creative and use a bunch of different colors! EVEN SPARKLE!!!! So because I already had the nail polish this fun makeup only cost me $5! Totally worth it when I saw how excited Monster was. 🙂

20130803_152257 20130803_152951 20130803_153903


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