Please show my Friends some love :)

So I have some friends who are very near and dear to my heart that mean the world to me, and their expression via Blogs are honest and amazing.

First is Our Little Fun house…. seriously this mom is one of the most craftiest women I know! Shes one of the strongest women I know! With her two loves are seriously so cute its almost unbearable, and to top it off shes beautiful!

Check out her blog here….

Then we have another gorgeous woman I am so lucky to know 😉 She too has two beautiful children who are her world and the best models for the view of her life through her camera lens. She too is so strong and artistic and amazing! 🙂

Check out her blog here….

Then there is a very active momma I know who seriously has had some struggles but she has looked everyone in the face and gave it the finger and pressed on! She is super strong and smart and has one of the cutest redheads I know for a daughter and is soon to be welcoming a second little princess. 🙂

Check out her blog here….

And last but definitely not the least, This mommy is one hell of a multitask-er! She works and gives so much love to her two beautiful children, and beer making hubby! (which I think is sooooo cool) She is honest and true and her strength shines through to help anyone who needs it. Not to mention she makes the most beautiful Wreaths!!!

Check out her blog here….


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