Easy DIY Projects for Cheap!

I have learned as a mother how craft on a budget. Dollar Store is my GO TO place for items to craft with! Here are some fun things you can do for just a couple dollars!!!

FIRST- A cool vase for decorating anywhere in your house! I went to $Tree and bought a Vase and glass beads. I already had a glue gun, took the beads and glued them to the vase. Bam! A cool looking Vase for just $2!


Next is a painting project for Monster. $Tree paint of 4 colors, ziploc bags and a white board. tape board to floor, put paint in bags and tape to white board and tada! Fun MESS FREE painting project for just $3!!!


Need some cute organizing bins but dont want to spend a fortune? Tke a snack box and some Tack paper from the $Tree and BAM! A cute decorative bin for just $1! I use mine to hold pasta, rice and beans.



Next one is super cute for layered storage in your bathroom or kitchen. A set of 2 Oven covers (metal) for $1, and a candle holder for $1, and cover it with Tack paper $1…..cover the oven covers with the tack paper and glue each one to the top and bottom of the candle holder and there ya go! a cute organizer 😉 just $3!



I needed a place to keep Monsters Movies where she could get ahold of them because she will destroy them with her toddler powers! So I got these crate organizers for $Tree and nailed them to the wall in 5 points (2 top corners 2 btm corners and the middle) They are solid for sure! Now they look like floating movie holder for just $1 each!



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