DIY Kids Room Deco for Small $’s!

So I have been trying to find a way to decorate my kids room on a very small budget, and with things that are not high in COST but high in MEANING. Well once again my favorite place for fun decorations is $Tree so that’s where I headed!

One thing that has a lot of meaning in our life is the book “Where the Wild Things Are” and we have been given some pieces to place in the kids room. I had an extra book (I don’t know how that happen) so I used it as a basis for what I wanted.

What I did was separate the pages fromt he book binding and one by one slowly separated the pages as to not damage the pictures from the glue. I then picked out which ever pictures I wanted.

Now I know I can write a bunch of pointless instructions but the pictures should tell you exactly what you need to do. At the end I will show you a different way you can do it 🙂

Step one…20140104_105608

Step two…20140104_105709

Step three…20140104_110006

Step four…20140104_112644

So because I had the book already all I needed was the Frames…So doing this cute decoration only cost me $6!

Now if your not good at drawing letters and you don’t have a stencil, you can print letters out, or like I did for my Monster I bought some letter punch outs from $Tree.

20140107_183807 Again all I needed was the frames because I already had the book! So her name deco only cost me $7!

The best way to save the money is to use what you already have and only buy frames!

I hope you have fun coming up with ideas and themes! Please let me know what you come up with and email them to me!


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