Wild Tree Beer Bread

So recently I took a journey into a company that is so AMAZING! The teams are awesome, the products are DELICIOUS, and to top it off they are all HEALTHY!!! Wild Tree Products are 100% Organic, No GMOs and peanut free!

Well I’ve never made bread before and given to me in my kit was this “Quick and easy Beer Bread”, and seriously its so quick and easy! All you need…

  • Wild Tree Beer bread Mix
  • 1 can of Beer
  • bowl for mixing
  • whisk

See I’m not kidding soooooo easy!


Here is the Wild Tree Mix….IMG_1181

Everything spread out that you will need…..IMG_1182

Take your baking pan and greasy that baby up!……IMG_1183

Add beer to the mix……IMG_1185

Then mix mix mix. It will be thick and chunky.IMG_1190

Lay it evenly on the pan…..IMG_1191

Bake at 350* for 50 mins, then butter top and pop it back in for 5 mins

AND DONE! I can see adding some oil or herbs such as rosemary which would make it super good!

IMG_1224 (its cut because I wanted to check and make sure it was done, it was )


If your interested in purchasing your own mix go to www.mywildtree.com/320778AG

Feb we have a great Bundle package for just $34! Check it out!




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